билингвистическое недоразумение (chudaaa) wrote,
билингвистическое недоразумение

однозначно феерично)

Amanda Palmer "Oasis" Music Video from Amanda Palmer on Vimeo.

When I got to the party, they gave me a forty and I must've been thristy 'cause I drank it so quickly
When I got to the bedroom there was somebody waiting and it isn't my fault that the prevarian raped me
When I went to get tested I brought along my best friend Melissa Mahoney who had once been molested
And she knew how to get there, she knew all the nurses they were all very friendly but the test came back posi-uh-oh

I've seen better days but I don't care
Oh I just sent a letter in the mail

When I got my abortion I brought along my boyfriend we got there an hour before the appointment
And outside the building there were these annoying fundamentalist Christians we tried to ignore them

Oh, I've had better days but I don't care
Oasis got my letter in the mail

When vacation was over the word was all over that I was a crack whore Melissa had told them
And so now we're not talking except we have tickets to see Blur in October and I think we're still going

Oh, I've seen better days but I don't care
Oh, I just got a letter in the mail
Oasis sent a photograph
It's autographed and everything
Melissa's gonna wet herself I swear


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