билингвистическое недоразумение (chudaaa) wrote,
билингвистическое недоразумение

i. the entire month of october is a liminal space. today I walked through the grey and the green and the gold and the world felt empty, devoid of life even as life happened, over and over, right in front of (me: a hand holding an umbrella, fingers straining on a grip against the wind, a hand, my hand)

ii. there’s too little light & it’s trapped close to the ground, the underbelly of a cloud so vast you cannot see its shape, just breathe the grey in & exhale nothing (nothing). watch the rain fall in constant motion, each drop set in place, unmoving, still - a perfect illusion of time & life happening.

iii. I watched the reflections in shallow pools of water, black against the wet asphalt, black & covered in spashes of colour - a green, a red, a yellow. the shadow of my umbrella followed me closely, stepping in time to a song in my head, silent. I closed the door & left the world behind me. I opened it & the world did (not) exist.

да, иногда из меня вылезают стихи. английские. без (почти без) рифмы. будем считать это нелингвистическим упражнением.
Tags: rendering reality remember who you are, нелингвистика, правила чистописания для

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