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Unclothed objects: project description || описание проекта

Unclothed objects is an art project based on a short sci-fi story that talks about a post-apocalyptic world and a strange tribe of humans discovered in the jungle of Minnesota – a place where a jungle shouldn’t be, not this soon after the apocalyptic events people generally believed to be a global climate shift. The researchers soon discover that the members of this weird tribe (or, perhaps, a cult) can procure the most important items to ensure humanity’s survival – in exchange for their jeans, or, as they call them, “the skins of the sacred animals”. The members of this tribe don’t wear any clothes and believe the rest of the humanity to be the sacred animals which, if properly persuaded, can grant them their skins. The researchers exchange their jeans for vital information and blueprints for the things they thought had been forever lost, and a few years later the remnants of humanity are prospering, inhabiting the least damaged area of the Eurasian continent. One of the researchers, having worked with the Unclothed for several years now, gets curious and thus discovers that they use the jean fabric combined with wire, thread and paint to create oddly shaped objects that seem to be constantly shifting and changing, turning in on themselves and becoming something different altogether. The longer he watches them, the more understanding he gains, as his perception of the objects and the world around them changes.

The text of the story explains the origins of the sculptures within this project. As soon as the story is translated into English, it will be linked here instead of the brief summary given above. The sculptures themselves are not quite like the unclothed objects in the story, for the nature of our reality would not allow for such objects to exist. However, the unclothed objects created by the artist are as close of an image of the unclothed objects created by the Unclothed (the people in the story) as we could possibly get here. Think of them as a plane projection of the original items that exist somewhere outside our universe.

Unclothed objects – арт-проект, в основе которого лежит вот этот текст. Название проекта можно перевести как «неодетые объекты», однако, проект настаивает на том, чтобы название его существовало только в английском варианте. Проект состоит из двух отдельных частей, которые, тем не менее, тесно взаимосвязаны и неделимы – это текст рассказа и скульптуры, выполненные на его основе. В тексте содержится объяснение и описание некоторой части скульптур проекта – конечно же, в условиях нашей реальности невозможно воспроизвести подлинные скульптуры, созданные персонажами научно-фантастического рассказа в иной вселенной, поэтому скульптуры эти являются своего рода схемой, развёрткой, проекцией на плоскость нашего мира, в котором (пока ещё) наблюдение квантовой запутанности в макрообъектах, собранных из джинсы и проволоки, не представляется возможным. Скорее всего.
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